This Is Not a Postcard

Tales of 2 people on 3 continents

1st stop: social media jungle

A perusal of our itinerary might have led you to believe that our first international destination would be South India.

Not so.

As you read this, I am swinging a machete through the social media jungles of Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, HootSuite and WordPress trying to find a path through to some sort of clearing.

I don’t speak the language. I don’t understand the landscape. None of the flora or fauna looks familiar. Creatures approach me, and I don’t know whether to pet them or try to stamp on them with my foot. I haven’t eaten in days.

I am tempted to retreat. And I may, yet. But for now, I am trying to put some faith in the journey itself. Recognizing that there is inherent value in exploring new territory, meeting new people, learning new ways to communicate.

If you’re looking for me out there, I’m at the foot of that big banyan tree. The one with the monkeys. They call me @SoniaMarcus and others call me @GreenCampusIntl. They’re funny, those monkeys.


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